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About Gaia Herbs

About Gaia Herbs

Twenty-five years ago, Gaia Herbs was founded by Ric Scalzo, who still leads the company as President and CEO. As a privately held company, Gaia Herbs remains committed to a vision of Purity, Integrity & Potency, which drives how they run their business.

Gaia Herbs' Core Values:
  • Vis Medicatrix Naturae: Cooperate with the healing powers of nature
  • Do no harm to plants, animals or humans
  • Always remain holistic, addressing formative causes in formulation
  • Teach and market in a positive and spirited manner
  • Validate beliefs with objective scientific data
  • Know, honor and uphold the laws of nature, as well as industry laws
  • Purity, Integrity & Potency, in products and message, from seed to shelf

Purity + Integrity = Potency
Gaia Herbs believes that working in accordance with the virtues of harmony is as important as what they produce. Gaia Herbs holds itself—and everything they produce—accountable to the virtues of purity, integrity and potency.

Purity. Each herb must be cultivated in accordance with nature's intent.
Integrity. Herbal medicines must be created to ensure the fullest possible expression of each herb.
Potency. It is only through their commitment to purity and integrity that they can deliver the powerful effects of each herb.

Gaia Farm: A Living Laboratory

Gaia Farm is the only farm of its kind with an on-site, state-of-the-art laboratory and processing facility. Both are located on 250 acres of the Blue Ridge Mountains of western North Carolina, one of the most diverse bioregions in North America.

A Living Labratory

In Gaia's fields, laboratory and production facility, the company studies, observes and learns from nature. They apply those lessons to both growing the highest-quality herbs possible and in facilitating the delivery of herbal bioactive constituents to the people who need them.

Gaia's commitment to purity, integrity and potency starts with the soil through comprehensive organic fertility standards. Plants and seeds are selected only from sources whose organic methods and plant quality can be verified. Then they observe the plants as they grow from seedling to maturity, learning their unique life cycles, using analytical testing to measure bioactivity levels and harvesting only when peak levels have been reached.

The same level of care is applied when herbs enter production in their facility for transformation into herbal supplements. All herbs are validated by rigid purity standards for sourcing and processed with the highest level of integrity. Our careful extraction and concentration methods produce extracts of high potency.

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About Gaia Herbs Products

About Gaia Herbs Products

Liquid Phyto-Caps
Gaia Herbs' line of Liquid Phyto-Caps contain multi-herb formulas, as well as single ingredient herbs. This patented delivery system, developed exclusively by Gaia Herbs, offers the power of a liquid extract with the convenience of an easily digestible, quick-dissolving capsule.

Liquid Herbal Extracts
Gaia offers a vast array of formulas and single herb extracts that each deliver the herb as was intended by nature. Liquid extracts contain more herbal constituents and are more highly concentrated than liquid herbal tinctures.

Gaia Organics
This line of USDA Certified Organic herbal liquids contains 100 percent certified organic grain alcohol that upholds Gaia's founding commitment to organic farming and delivering herbs as nature intended.

This growing, alcohol-free line of liquid extracts, syrups, oils, salves and tonics has been formulated just for children by Dr. Mary Bove, pediatric naturopath.

Herbal Teas
This new delivery format for herbal supplements offers a delicious taste experience as well as trusted health support. Gaia protects the potency and taste of their teas with foil-lined, flavor-seal pouches and protect the planet with tea bags tied without the use of staples or glues.

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Meet Your Herbs

Trace the Purity, Integrity and Potency of your herbs.

"We believe that every herb needs to be held to the highest standards of purity and integrity in order to ensure maximum potency and results for our customers. We also feel that it is not enough to simply state these claims, so we are offering accountability through complete transparency with our MeetYourHerbs traceability program."
–Ric Scalzo, Founder

Trace these factors and more for the herbs in your product:

  • Plant part used
  • Identity validation method
  • Source/grower
  • Source certification
  • Source bioregion
  • Gaia Farm field harvested
  • Cultivation method
  • Extraction method
  • Lab validation technician(s)
  • Date and results of all purity data, including heavy metals, microbials and pesticide testing
  • Manufacturing date
  • Certificate of compliance for product

Learn more about how Gaia Herbs validates the purity, integrity and potency of their herbs

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Gaia Herbs formulates their herbal extracts using strict standards that ensure purity and potency. Pharmaca’s selection of natural herbal remedies from Gaia Herbs includes herbal extracts that support sleep, stress management, inflammatory responses, immune system health, digestive health, cardiovascular health and cognitive wellbeing. Additionally, you can find combination herbal remedies for men’s health, women’s health and support for nursing mothers. At Pharmaca, you can also find Gaia Herbs remedies for kids that are safe, alcohol-free alternatives to over-the-counter cough and allergy medicines.